Gogo LOVES BlogPaws

The Cat Wrangler went to BlogPaws and brought home a bounty of presents for me from the sponsors. Too much excitement for one cat to contain! ...continue reading

BlogPaws Conference

The Cat Wrangler plans on being away from home for several days at the BlogPaws Conference. She MUST pay attention to me for permission to leave the house. ...continue reading

Plotting Revenge

The small white cat has stolen my lap. ...continue reading

Rise and Shine

Did you just touch me? I was napping! ...continue reading


Letting the writer know who is the boss. ...continue reading

The Art of Cat

"There's no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat." ~Wesley Bates ...continue reading

Favorite Season

Little known fact: Cats LOVE cantaloupe. Well, at least Gogo does. ...continue reading

Home Safe

Safe! The cats have won yet another game of tag. The dog is "it" again. ...continue reading